WBKI The FCC Spectrum Auction
The CW BKI is temporarily not on DirecTV and ATT U-Verse. We are not in a dispute, but both services are unable to broadcast our station at the moment due to legal constraints at their end. They are working through their issues and hopefully, The CW BKI will be back on DirecTV and ATT U-Verse soon.
In the meantime, if you would like to call them and remind them that you are missing
The CW BKI, that wouldn’t hurt.
Their number is 1 (800) 531-5000.
Attention: As a result of the recent FCC spectrum auction, The CW BKI channel 34.1 and Movies channel 34.2
will be ceasing their over the air broadcasts serving their city of license, Campbellsville, Ky. on October 25th.

The CW broadcast signal will still be available in the Louisville, KY market, and on most of the regional cable and satellite systems.

For more information about this change, please contact us at info@wbki.tv

The CW BKI proudly provides Public Service Announcements, Quality Programming and Advertising Opportunities to thousands of households, viewers and businesses throughout the Louisville Region and Kentuckiana.

Where is The CW BKI after October 25, 2017?

Over the Air 34.1 in the Louisville Market

Spectrum (Charter & TWC)
Louisville/Southern Indiana
HD: Channel 914
SD: Channel 7

Dish Network
Channel 34

Comcast Cable
HD: Channel 435

Time Warner Cable
Cable Lebanon, KY.
Channel 9

Bardstown, KY.
HD simulcast = 7.1 or 934 (set-tops)
SD simulcast = 7.2 or 935 (set-tops)

Time Warner Cable
Madison, IN.
SD: Channel 7

Brandenburg, KY. Cable
SD: Channel 17
HD: Channel 515

Breckenridge, KY.
Channel 7

Casey, KY.
Channel 2

New Wave
French Lick, IN.
Channel 4

Cinergy Metronet
Seymour, North Vernon and Madison, IN.
HD: Channel 807
SD: Channel 7

Duo County Telecom
Adair, KY.
Channel 108

Inside Connect
Brooks, KY.
Channel 7

Access Cable
Somerset / Greensburg, KY.
Channel 10

*SD = Standard Definition
*HD = High Definition